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We work hard to improve our work processes. One of the most important is our purchase process, because with it we can guarantee each customer that their shipments will always be safe and simple. The three-step system makes selling your tungsten carbide scrap faster, just contact us to receive a quote according to the amount of material you want to send. 


In addition, with Mexalloys you can be confident that you will get the best payment in the country for all your tungsten carbide scrap shipments.


Step 1:


Once you have accepted our quote, pack all your tungsten carbide scrap into a clean, sturdy container.

Step 2:


In this step you will have the help of an advisor assigned by Mexalloys who will follow your process and tell you which branch of Tres Guerras you should send your tungsten carbide scrap to.

Step 3:

Receive your payment

Once your package is received, we will review it and send you the payment corresponding to the weight you have sent.


Don't forget to give us your bank details so that we can make the payment for your shipment.

Bring your tungsten carbide scrap

to life and earn more

Upon receipt and review of your sent package, we will make you the equivalent transfer to the account you have indicated to your advisor. Everything happens the same day we started the review. Yes, selling tungsten carbide is that easy with Mexalloys.

Are you ready?

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