What kind of tools and materials can you sell to Mexalloys?

Every day we seek to work and learn more about all the sectors and industries that use, manufacture and work with tungsten carbide and its scrap. Identify which of these tools you have –or your company has– as waste and contact us for a quote that will make you change the way you see your tungsten carbide scrap.


Tungsten carbide

Drill bits

Tungsten carbide


Fine pieces of tungsten carbide


For cutting, they're made of tungsten carbide.


Tungsten carbide


drawing dice

Tungsten carbide



Used in drilling bits, they're made of tungsten carbide.



Used in projections, they're made of tungsten carbide.

Drill Bits

Used regularly in mining, they're made of tungsten carbide.


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Your obsolete tungsten carbide tools can make you earn more income; we are one of the most competitive companies in the country, and we care about you getting the best price for each shipment of material. Make a quote with us and start increasing your income, get rid of your waste and take care of the planet.