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Sell your tungsten carbide scrap easier

You can send your tungsten carbide scrap from wherever you are with our three-step purchase process. Quote the amount you want to send of the carbide, then just pack, send the tungsten carbide and receive your payment.


Yes, that's how simple it is to do business with Mexalloys.


We are also interested in learning about and working with the different sectors that handle tungsten carbide, from scrap dealers and small businesses to companies that discard more than a ton of this and other carbides a day.


Get rid of your tungsten waste responsibly and get more income than anywhere else.

Tungsten carbide recycling specialists

Sell, recycle and make higher profits by getting rid of your tungsten carbide scrap.


At Mexalloys we focus on buying and selling tungsten carbide scrap, as well as recycling any kind of tools made from tungsten carbide and other alloys. By buying the waste, we help companies get rid of them and get a higher economic retribution. We are experts in handling carbide scrap regardless of its provenance, manufacturing, quality rejection, service and obsolescence. 


Over the years we have perfected our recycling process according to the types of materials we work with and commercialize. This allows us to guarantee the best price for tungsten carbide, especially for those interested in buying or selling it at a higher profit than elsewhere; generate a greater economic value, with direct benefit to our customers; and, through recycling, implement better environmental actions that help everyone.

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